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About Things You Should Know

What's the best investment for short-term gain? ... long-term gain? What about the benefits of taking Vitamin D3 during a pandemic? Don't know? Well, you're in luck. Things that you don't know can hurt you, or at least not provide you the benefits of having known them. The benefit of listening to this PODCAST is that we bring you information that you've probably not even thought of and that could actually help you live a more productive life. What's the best time of year to take your family to Walt Disney World? What is homesteading and why should I care? How long does it take to process my passport anyway? We find the obscure, the beneficial, and the lesser-known facts and present them to you here on Things You Should Know. Congratulations on finding us. 

It's so easy to join.  Subscribe today.  You'll be a part of a growing community of informed individuals who are empowered to not only enhance their lives but the lives of those they love. 

Think of this as your Community; a place where we take action.  "Things You Should Know Podcast" not only talks about improving our world and surrounding communities, but we also take action.  A portion of all subscriptions goes toward assisting Black-Owned Businesses in your local communities.  Yes, your communities.  As a subscriber, we will ask monthly for recommendations on credible Black Owned Businesses that need support and make donations on behalf of you, our listeners.  WE are always looking to be a part of the solution.  With your help, we can make a difference.  Help us help someone else.  

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